The only thing better than singing, is more singing!
Ella Fitzgerald

Duckys Idol will essentially be split into two rounds. The first being the preliminaries or auditions.  On each of twelve evenings, following the completion of a entry form and receipt of an entry fee (all proceeds to charity) two individuals will be chosen to move on and into the finals. During these Auditions, contestants will be asked to sing one song of their choice. On these evenings, a panel of judges will grade the contestants on a number of categories including vocal ability, knowledge of song and performance..  All scores will be tabulated and the individuals with the two highest aggregate marks, will be declared winners and will move on to the final round.

The final round will begin with two semi-final events, the finalists being split into two groups.  On each of these evening, twelve of the final twenty-four contestants will compete against each other. A draw will take place to ascertain the split of the two groups. On each of these evenings the twelve contestants will sing one song, and six contestants will win the evening, moving on to the final three events.  On Thursday, Feb 4, twelve contestants will be left competing for the Ducky's Idol prize. Two will be eliminated on this evening, and two more on Monday, Feb 8. The final evening will thus bring together the top eight performers. Each may be asked to perform three song selections. Following the ruling by a panel of judges, the 2010 Ducky's Idol will be crowned!



All Premliminary rounds begin at 10:00 PM

Monday, Nov 30
Thursday, Dec 3
Monday, Dec 7
Thursday, Dec  11
Monday, Dec 14
Thursday, Dec 17
Christmas Break
Monday, Jan 4
Thursday, Jan 7
Monday, Jan 11
Thursday, Jan 14
Monday, Jan 18
Thursday, Jan 21


The final rounds begin at approximately 9:00 PM
Thursday, Jan 28
Monday, Feb 1
Duckys Idol Finals
Thursday, Feb 4
Monday, Feb 8
Thursday, Feb 11

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