It's been a year in the planning and has taken the combined efforts of dozens of people and organizations, but the event of the New Year is now upon us! On Thursday February 11, 2010, Ducky's will crown it's second Duckys Idol and the very talented individual will walk away with thousands of dollars in prizes!

The concept of this event began in the summer of 2008 and after the massive success of the first competition and demands of hundreds of local performers,  the time had come to move forward with Round II of this exciting promotion.

Along with almost $10,000 in prizes, Duckys Idol has collaborated with the Canadian Down Syndrome Society.  All proceeds including contestant entry fee's will be donated to this worthy charity.  During this difficult economic period, the management and staff of Duckys are optimistic that this promotion will help to raise thousands of dollars for those families affected with Down Syndrome.

Let the Games begin!!


The Canadian Down Syndrome Society continues to work on behalf of the 35,000 Canadians with Down syndrome and their families.  As we begin planning for our next exciting event “Ducky’s Idol”, we would love to include your Organization as a proud partner. 

The CDSS is dedicated to making sure the voices of citizens with Down syndrome are heard across this country in schools, work places, government offices and communities.  The Canadian Down Syndrome Society works to ensure equitable opportunities for all Canadians with Down syndrome by fostering a climate of understanding and mutual respect for the dignity, worth and equal rights for ALL people.  Please help us continue this important work.  The inclusion of citizens with Down syndrome in society will help create a Canada where ALL are welcome, we celebrate diversity and we value everyone’s genes equally.  Thank you for your support; without you this could not be possible.

2009 Duckys Idol - Shane Scott

It was an exciting and tense competition last year, with many surprises and amazing performances.  At the end of it all however, we were pleased to crown our first Duckys Idol, none other then the enigmatic Shane Scott! Known to his fans as Suzie, he edged out the tight competition in a 3 way head to head showcase with his signature Journey tune. Since the crowning, he has been busy travelling, but he will be making a command appearance during this years finals! 

What is your favourite singing competition?
American Idol
Canadian Idol
Ducky Idol
Kiwanis Festival



Come on down to Ducky's and find out! Ducky's Karaoke Schedule

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There simply is no other singing competition in Calgary that comes close to the level of prizes that are up for grabs in this exciting event. The winner of Duckys Idol will be presented with a trip for two to Cabo San Lucas, including flight on Westjet Airlines and a one week stay at one of Cabo's premiere locations. Arrangements will also be made for an exclusive chartered fishing trip  as well as other exciting activities.  Also included in the the prize package will be recording time and a professional sound engineer at The Beach Recording Studio's as well as Calgary's own Karaoke World.


Along with the prizes for our Ducky's Idol winner, gifts will also be presented to our 2nd and 3rd place finalists. As well as gifts to all contestants, sponsors will include  Gold's Gym and recording time at Karaoke World's private studio, Future Shop and 2 box seats to a Saddledome event.. During the  2 month audition process, $1,000 in gifts will be be given away., wow!!!


Don't forget that Ducky's is the place to plan your corporate and personal Christmas parties and seasonal frivolities!  Arrangements can be made to reserve tables and to ensure that you have a place to launch your Christmas singing career.  Give the pub a call and the staff would be happy to set you and your co-workers up for a night your won't soon forget!

This year, we are excited to announce a new initiative to raise thousands of dollars for CDSS and the best news is ANYONE can help out with this! Pledge forms will be available at Duckys or online at CDSS. And wait....the person who raises the most money will win a $200 gift certificate for Future Shop and 2 box seat tickets for a Saddledome event - possibly a Flames game - total value of over $500! This is a tough time for our charity, so lets get out there, raise lots of money and win some more amazing prizes!

Don't forget that Ducky's is the pub of choice for Calgary's  weekend parties and general frivolities!  As such, you'll want to plan to get down early if you want to get lots of singing in. Sundays and Thursdays will of course be crazy busy with the Finals for Ducky's Idol, so if you want to do any practicing, check out Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Friday and Saturday are the exciting karaoke dance parties. Either way, come on down and join the fun!!


Idol will be "through the roof fun", but don't forget that Ducky's is simply the place to be for your night out on the town!

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